Autumn Brings Optimism

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My favorite time of year is Autumn. It’s easy to like the springtime when all things are new and the world wakes up from the winter, but liking the fall season takes optimism.  It is the time of year we are the most hopeful.  For us, we are just bringing cattle back from summer pasture and we are just seeing the rain start and grass in California is starting to come on.

As ranchers, our fall calves are being born and the green grass season is in front of us. We still have the whole grass season to go and nothing can go wrong.   This year (we think) is going to be a great year.  At this time LAST year I knew deep down we were going to have 20” of rain and green grass up to your stirrups.  The cattle were going to be healthy and fat the creeks were going to be clean and full and all the bills will be paid on time.  If you want to be a rancher you HAVE to believe it; that optimism is what allows you to take the enormous risks we take with little to no guarantee of success.  That is not what happened last year, but enough about that.

This year I KNOW for sure that we are going to have 20” of rain, the cattle are going to be fat and healthy and the calves are going to run and play in the green grass. The creeks will be full and clear and the feed will be up to your stirrups.  The Packers are going to win the Super Bowl too.  I can feel it.

Here’s to optimism.  Thanks for reading.


 Autumn of 2010…


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