Howdy!  We’re officially a week (and a little) into the new year.  SO I thought I’d check in and see how you were coming with your New Year’s resolutions and goals.  I confess, my goal to wake up earlier in the morning hasn’t been working out very well!!  But I’m extending myself some grace as the kids just went back to school yesterday, so that was the first day we HAD to wake up, and after taking them to school, I headed to have a root canal, now that’s a way to start the New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I also wanted to remind you of our coupons we have for the month of January.  All ground beef products are 10% off for the month of January, or until we run out of product!  Coupon code HealthyEating18.  If you enjoy short ribs, they are currently 30% off for the month of January.  Coupon Code Shorty18.

Hamburgers aren’t just for summer!

We’re still offering our Subscription Boxes, click here for more information!

Interested in joining our team or know somebody you think would be a good fit?  We are hiring salespeople for both Northern and Southern California.  More details here!

The distance from our office to Lambeau!

Well that’s all I have for now!  Enjoy the rain!

Thanks for caring about what you eat!

Restaurant Style Short Ribs



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